EU-Kommissionen foreslår prisloft på russisk gas

EU-Kommissionen vil nu sætte hårdt mod hårdt og tvinge prisen på russisk gas ned med et prisloft.

(FILES) In this file photo taken on August 30, 2022 facilities to receive and distribute natural gas are pictured on the grounds of gas transport and pipeline network operator Gascade in Lubmin, northeastern Germany, close to the border with Poland - the industrial infrastructure includes a receiving and distribution station for the Nord Stream 1 pipeline and is also the place. - Russia has halted gas deliveries to Germany via a key pipeline for an indefinite period, after saying on September 2, 2022 that it had found problems in a key piece of equipment, a development that will worsen Europe's energy crisis. Russian gas giant Gazprom said Friday that the Nord Stream pipeline due to reopen at the weekend would remain shut until a turbine is repaired. In a statement, Gazprom indicated it had discovered "oil leaks" in a turbine during a planned three-day maintenance operation. Gazprom added that "until it is repaired... the transport of gas via Nord Stream is completely suspended". (Photo by Odd ANDERSEN / AFP) Fold sammen
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