Copenhagen's Best Burger 2012

Best Burger After a heavy night out, a burger is sometimes the only cure. A good burger should have the right ingredients and be cooked with equal measures of tender loving care and perfect timing. Who are the burger masters of Copenhagen?

Fra burger- og cocktailbaren Cocks Fold sammen
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Foto: Else Bjørn

These are the nominees and the winner of Best Burger in Copenhagen 2012

Cocks and Cows, Gammel Strand 44, 1202 København K
Perfect for a quick, cheap meal right in the city centre, when you are either beginning your night out on the town or in town the day after. Prices are cheap, but accompaniments such as chips cost extra – on the other hand they are served in two lovely chilli- and vinegar-powdered variations.

Haché Gourmet Burger, Rømersgade 20, 1362 København K
Just around the corner of Frederiksborggade not far from Nørreport there is a now a burger bar where the dodgy Jamaican bodega used to be. The burger barjust opposite the two outdoor sports shops Friluftsland and Spejdersportuse organic, Austrian beef for their burgers.

Zoo Bar, Sværtegade 6, 1118 København K
In the shopping epicentre of Copenhagen you find the city-hip Zoo Bar with its famous burger, which is just the ticket for hangovers, shopaholics with low blood sugar and just generally speaking people with a healthy appetite.

Halifax på Trianglen, Trianglen 1, 2100 København Ø
In the beginning of 2012, Copenhagen’s mini burger restaurant chain, Halifax, opened its so far biggest and most stylish burger café on Trianglen. And with its two stories, up-tempo service they have a lots of guests every night.

The Bronx Burger Bar, Nørrebrogade 114, 2200 København N
If you don’t mind queuing at the bar to order, The Bronx Burger Bar on Nørrebro opposite the Assistens Cemetery is one of the best, most cosy and cheapest places to satisfy your craving for a burger.