Copenhagen - or Disney World North?

British newspaper praises Danish capital

The fairy-tale image of Denmark - too good to be true? Fold sammen
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Foto: Nils Meilvang

After Danes once again came out tops in the UN's survey of global happiness, Denmark has received further gushing praise in the British newspaper, The Guardian.

Under the headline 'Copenhagen Really is Wonderful', resident British journalist Cathy Strongman portrays the capital as a virtual Scandinavian Disney World and cements the well-worn cliche of Denmark as a fairy-tale country.

Highlighting the high level of childcare, maternity care ('happy midwives who arrive shortly after birth bearing snacks adorned with Danish flags'), short working hours, and Danish design encompassing 'striking architecture', the happy Brit claims that all Danes, who to most foreigners seem to suffer a national onset of winter depression from October to May, escape to Thailand in November, 'but when they are at home they embrace the winter by lighting candles at every conceivable opportunity'.

Whilst stating that Danes are gradually opening up their borders (a claim that would be highly disputed by any potential non-EU immigrant), she acknowledges the 'unspoken fear among many that this perfect society, which functions so efficiently because of universal high taxes, might shatter under the strain of an influx of immigrants'.

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