Danes: Happy, shiny people

Denmark comes out top in happiness survey - again

Danes: We're happy and we like our flag Fold sammen
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Foto: Annelene Petersen

In addition to Lego, bacon, and designer furniture, it appears Danes are adept at producing something else - endorphins.

Denmark has once again been rated number 1 in the latest OECD happiness rankings of 155 countries, followed by Finland and Norway. The other end of the scale is dominated by African countries, with Togo rock bottom at no.155, just below Benin and the Central African Republic.

1,000 people over the age of 15 were asked to respond, on a scale of zero to ten, to questions such as: How happy were you yesterday, how happy are you right now, and how happy are you about the current state of your life?.With zero representing ‘very unhappy’ and ten ‘couldn’t be more happy’, Danes scored an average of eight, while residents of Togo scored slightly higher than three.

The USA is the world’s 11th happiest country, with Afghanistan at no. 130. Bulgaria is the least happy European country, at no. 146.

The findings are at odds with foreign residents of Denmark, who constantly find Danes rude, short-tempered, and boring. Well-known caricaturist Craig Stephens, ‘the disgruntled Aussie’ who’s lived here for 18 years, said anyone who finds Danes happy obviously hasn’t taken a bus or train to work at 8.15 in the morning.