Tobakskæmpe sælger flere håndrullede cigarer

Det et gået frem for Scandinavian Tobacco Group, der sælger tobak i mange former. Frankrig har dog slået skår i glæden.

Leo Pedraza bunches tobacco leaves together before starting to roll a cigar at the El Credito Cigar Factory in the Little Havana district of Miami 23 August 2006. The factory, located in Calle Ocho street for some 35 years, produces some 1, 400 hand rolled tobaccos daily. The workers clean the leaves, roll and pack the cigars, and are paid anywhere from 46 cents to 72 cents per unit. A "roller" will produce about 150 cigars a day. Cuban-born Leo worked as a roller in Cuba for 38 years before comming to the US. He has been rolling cigars since his arrival here 11 years ago. AFP PHOTO/Roberto Schmidt Fold sammen
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