Visiting Copenhagen

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Foto: Søren Bildstrup
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Foto: Else Bjørn.

The cosiest wine bar in town.
Thanks to the relaxed rustic atmosphere and the friendly, personal service, in only in a few years Bibendum has developed in to one of the most popular winebars.
Bibendum offers a tasty tapas plate full of various fine southern European products that you can enjoy while exploring some of Bibendum's own wine imports.
The wine bar is placed in Nansensgade which is one of the most charismatic streets of the city. The area has a village-like atmosphere (not unlike Christianshavn, though slightly more modern) and Bibendum Wine-bar fits well into the village picture and adds even more to attract.
For a reasonable price, Bibendum makes for a consistant combination of decent dinner and wine discoveries in a relaxed setting, in a great area between the lakes and Nørreport.

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat 16:00-24:00
Sunday closed
Kitchen: 18:00-22:00

Nansensgade 45
1366 København K
Phone: 33 33 07 74


Foto: Nynne Hein Møller.

The wine bar for beer lovers
Located just off the “Enghave end” of formerly sleazy Istedgade, Pegasus is unusual in that it is a serious wine bar but with a remarkable selection of fine beers, around 93 in fact.
A series of cosy and inviting rooms decorated in terracotta, open brickwork and funky art, Pegasus boasts both interesting nooks and crannies for intimate chats as well as outside seating for people-watching whilst quaffing your wine.
The excellent range of dishes include a large plateful (119 kr) of your pick of their delicious tapas, plus fresh bread, garlic mascarpone spread, olives, pickles and other yummy bits and bobs. Highlights include the Nevat, a young, creamy goat cheese from Northern Spain and the Chorizo Sarta, a moist and garlicky country sausage with paprika.
The crowd is eclectic, trendy but non-pretentious, the music is mellow and Pegasus has the kind of relaxed, lived-in feel and good vibes that really encourage your return.

Opening hours:
Mon-Wed 17.00-23.00, Thu 17.00-01.00, Fri 10.00-02.00, Sat 17.00-02.00, Sun Closed

Mysundegade 28
1668 København V
Phone: 33 31 80 50

The Laundromat Cafe

Foto: Michael Bothager: The Laundromat i Elmegade.

Icelandic fusion: coffee, laundry and lunch
The Laundromat Café offers you to do your laundry in a funky atmosphere with a hefty dose of Nørrebro’s retro-chic and good vibrations. Orange plastic lights, animal print stools, lots of light wood and with the actual washing machines humming away in a side room - it's all very warm and friendly. In fact, not unlike the Icelandic owners, two of which are the café’s chefs while the other two, Fridrik and Ingvi, are the designers/carpenters who actually put the whole place together.
The guests are typically a crowd of local hipster types, and the music is loungy beats.

With its laid-back vibe, the Laundromat café is the kind of place where you could meet a group of friends for beers (Hoegaarden on draft, along with the usual Carlsberg brews), or nip down for a quick bite on a Friday night before heading out. It’s also the kind of place where you could simply wait for the spin cycle to finish, whilst having a nice cup of tea. If you bring your computer there is free access to wireless internet too.

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 8.00-23.00, Fri-Sat 10.00-24.00

Elmegade 15
2200 København N
Phone: 35 35 26 72

Bang & Jensen

Foto: niels ahlmann olesen.

The homey hang-out at Vesterbro
During weekends Bang & Jensen serve breakfast right until 4 pm. You order your meal in a most peculiar way by ticking off your choices from a range of choices on a piece of paper – i.e. the topping for your yoghurt.
Bang & Jensen is probably the café which best represents the transformation of Vesterbro from a crummy red light district into a hip colourful neighbourhood bursting with funky shops and lively joints.
It is a rather dark, dense and cosy café which carries the old-fashioned charm of the pharmacy it used to be. Decorated with the second-hand furniture typical of 'new-Vesterbro' (Istedgade and Vesterbrogade near Enghave), 'B-J' is the favoured watering hole for the typical 20- to 30-year-old residents, and is one of the busiest cafés in the whole of Copenhagen. Some consider Bang & Jensen to be trendy, but the spot is neither more or less hyped than Vesterbro itself, and is most welcoming. Even though this is clearly a café, there is a small area with three or four white tables just left of the entrance where one can enjoy a warm dinner.
The menu offers several basic café-meals and most of them cost less than 65 kr. which means that Bang & Jensen offers one of the cheapest healthy dinners in town!

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 08:00-02:00
Sat 10:00-02:00
Sun 10:00-24:00

Istedgade 130
1650 København V
Phone: 33 25 53 18

The Living Room

Foto: Scanpix.

Coffee and cosiness for young creative minds
On the coffee front, the choices here are endless. But more than anything, it's the atmosphere, light and lively upstairs, warm and intimate downstairs, that has turned The Living Room into something special.
The concept of the café is to import fresh ingredients from all around the world - with the purpose of letting guests discover new coffee blends, new tea arts, and eat organic food.
The reason why it works so well is the use of the space - split on two floors with two very different atmospheres.
Upstairs there is a bar full of light, with high windows overlooking one of the city's most charismatic junctions. Downstairs, in the dark and tight cellar, the low tables and sofas, bare brick walls, chimney fire and candles conjure up the best of a lounge-like vibe. It is slightly funky - but remains cosy and honest.

The cafe also offers occasional jazz concerts and a weekly Saturday lounge-event. The venue is busy from opening to closing time.

Opening hours:
Mon-Thus 10.00-23.00
Fri 10.00-01.00
Sat 11.00-24.00
Sun 12.00-19.00 (Sundays only Sep-Apr)

Larsbjørnsstræde 17
1454 København K
Phone: 33 32 66 10