Guide to: Vesterbro

Sønder Boulevard at Vesterbro. Fold sammen
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Foto: Christian Als

Vesterbro used to be Copenhagen’s version of a red light district and to this day, you can still find a lot of sex shops and prostitution on and around the main artery of Vesterbro, Istedgade. But after a successful gentrification effort and a striking change of character, Vesterbro has become one of the most popular and hip districts with its pulsating soul still in one piece. Young people live side by side with families and the old residents of Vesterbro who have never let go of the neighborhood.

On a sunny day, you can, like a lot of other people do, sit down on the grass in the middle of Sønder Boulevard, although the building of the subway is quite dominant at the moment. Along the boulevard, there are many local gems, for instance Copenhagen’s perhaps most popular kiosk, Kihoskh, which is known for carrying one of the widest selections of delicious beer, everyday necessities, organic food and specialties.

Kødbyen is also very popular, especially at night. The old meatpacking district has been infused with new blood in the form of popular nightclub such as the hipster place Jolene and the underground hang-out KB18. But the nightlife isn’t the only attraction. At Kødbyen, you can also get an incredibly popular pizza at the restaurant Mother, which is open until late to feed those who are in the mood for a late-night snack.

"Mother" in Kødbyen. Fold sammen
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Foto: Linda Kastrup.


Restaurant Mother

Close to Vesterbro Torv, at the midpoint of Vesterbrogade, you’ll find Copenhagen’s most popular Vietnamese restaurant Lé Lé nhà hang. They serve exciting and delicious food, for instance crispy spring rolls, noodles and a piquant mixture of chilli, lime and ginger. The atmosphere is young and lively and the prices are reasonable. Lê Lê also has a takeout place on Vesterbrogade within a stone’s throw from the restaurant.

If you’re more in the mood for a casual movie experience, the independent and locally beloved movie theater Vester Vov Vov isn’t far away. On Istedgade, you can wash down the experience with a glass of Argentinian wine at Malbeck, accompanied by candlelight and the smooth sound of vinyl records.

In the Enghave neighborhood, you’ll find Vega, which in 2013 won the title of Byens Bedste Spillested (City’s Best Music Venue) because of the many great concert experiences the place offers Copenhagen - big artists and new up-and-comers, Vega has it all. In the same neighborhood, you will also find Enghave Plads which is, at the moment, encircled by an artistically decorated fence to conceal the subway construction site, but it still attracts a lot of people with an impressive string of coffee and beer bars. Enghaveparken is right across the street and is one of the locals’ favorite patches of green.

Copenhagen’s answer to Paris has been compressed into Værnedamsvej, where you’ll find both a charming atmosphere and a wide array of stores, wine bars and restaurants. If you’re bringing the kids, you could visit one of the city’s most beloved and popular playgrounds on Skydebanegade.


Kihoskh, Sønder Boulevard 53 1720 København V
Jolene, Flæsketorvet 81-85 1711 København V
KB18, Kødboderne 18 1714 København V
Mother, Høkerboderne 9 1712 København V
Lé Lé nhà hang, Vesterbrogade 56 1620 København V
Vester Vov Vov, Absalonsgade 5 1658 København V
Malbeck Istedgade, 61 1650 København V
Vega Enghavevej, 40 1674 København V