Guide: The 6 great picnics in Copenhagen

When the weather allows it, summer in Copenhagen means enjoying good food in the city’s green spots. We’ll guide you to six places that will pack the picnic basket for you.

AOK gives you six great ideas on where to go to buy a pre-made picnic basket for when you’d rather be lounging on the beach, having fun in the park or taking a walk in the woods instead of being in the kitchen. If the weather’s not ideal for an outing, you could have a picnic on the living room floor or around the dining table.

Italian food by the Rosenborg Castle Gardens (Kongens Have)

Il Senso
Gothersgade 87
1123 København K

Across the entrance of the Rosenborg Castle Gardens on the corner of Gothersgade and Landemærket, there is an Italian wine bar in the basement. Even though Il Senso, as the place is called, calls itself a wine bar, it also serves solid, Italian specialties and antipasti misto, which consists of little goodies such as dry-cured ham, veal with truffles, fennel sausage, insalata caprese, home-made pesto, and soft and hard cheeses with a side of Italian bread.

All of these seductive delicacies can be packed in a basket along with cutlery and napkins as a pre-made gourmet picnic. You could bring it to the Rosenborg Castle Gardens and eat as the sun sets behind the fairy tale castle Rosenborg. The price is 399 DKK for two people.

Funky “smørrebrød” by Østre Anlæg

Øster Farimagsgade 10
2100 København Ø

If you love Danish “smørrebrød” (open-faced sandwiches) where everything is home-made and that by a chef who is full of imagination and tasty creativity, you should swing by Adam Aamann’s deli, eatery and take-out shop on Østre Farimagsgade the next time you’re going on a picnic.

At Aamanns, you can put together your own picnic basket online, which includes two pieces of “smørrebrød” and one dessert of the day – per person, of course. In addition to this you also get salty snacks, a bottle of water, juice, or beer, cutlery and napkins. You get all of this loveliness including a handy bag for 185 DKK per person. It’s perfect for a picnic in the green area Østre Anlæg, which you’ll find right behind Øster Farimagsgade.

Picnic on the water

Islands Brygge 10-12
2300 København S

Copenhagen’s harbor is the ultimate draw for the locals when they want to relax in the city during the summer. GoBoat gives people the chance to experience Copenhagen from the water instead of sweating on Islands Brygge alongside the rest of the city. The little boats have room for eight people, they are solar-powered and the table placed in the middle of the boat makes it ideal to combine the cruise with a meal.

Luckily, GoBoat is also able to supply picnic baskets for 99 DKK per person. Choose between a Tapas Box with charcuterie, cheese and accompaniments for lunch and dinner or a Brunch Box with salmon, scrambled eggs, cheese and sausage, which is perfect for morning and weekend cruises. Renting a GoBoat for one hour will cost you 395 DKK.

Meyer’s food in Frederiksberg Have

Meyers Deli på Gammel Kongevej
Gammel Kongevej 107
1850 Frederiksberg C

Meyers Deli is a combination of a deli, grocery store, coffee shop and a relaxed yet classy eatery. The branches on Gammel Kongevej and Godthåbsvej can also easily supply you with delicious picnic food.

Meyer’s picnic box contains a wealth of goodies such as gravad beef topside, marinated chicken, Vesterhavs cheese and a cold “ymer” soufflé (Danish soured milk product). You can also spice up the box with a selection of additional delicacies. The classic version of the picnic box is 175 DKK per person and if you order through, they can deliver it to your door.

Løgismose basket by Kastellet

Nordre Toldbod 16
1259 København K

Løgismose is the ultimate solution if you have a picnic date. Part of the ritual is to invite your guests down to the beautiful deli on Nordre Toldbod where any foodie would swoon at the sight of the many shelves full of specially imported and homemade delicacies.

The picnic basket from Løgismose should be ordered at least one hour in advance and it contains wine, water and cutlery. The main attraction is the tapas selection with tuna filet, pâté, grilled artichokes and a wide array of pesto, cremes and accompaniments. In addition to this, bread and a dessert are also included. The price varies between 450-550 DKK for two people depending on the contents of the basket.

Classic basket at Nyhavn

Nyhavn 11
1105 København K

If you want a fairy tale-like picnic, the basket from Restaurant Fyrtøjet at Nyhavn might be what you’re looking for. The restaurant is named after Hans Christian Andersen’s popular fairy tale “Fyrtøjet” (“The Tinder Box”) and with a basket full of delicacies from the beautiful restaurant you can enjoy the Danish summer on the wharf or sit by the water near The Royal Danish Playhouse.

In the picnic basket from Fyrtøjet, you’ll find smoked salmon, ham, spicy sausages, good cheeses, fresh fruit, plenty of accompaniments and disposable cutlery. You get to keep the basket, which also contains a red-checkered tablecloth for a proper picnic and to top it off you also get a bottle of chilled white wine. The basket can be yours for 394 DKK for two people.