Guide: Five places with “Conveyor belt sushi” in Copenhagen

Conveyor belt sushi – or what we Danes call “running sushi”– maynot be the best sushi in Copenhagen, but it’s usually good if you’re really craving cheap sushi. This is an overview of running sushi places in Copenhagen.

Foto: PR

Running sushi is brilliant if you love sushi and you’re starving. Pick a table and start plucking dishes from the never-ending stream of food passing by on the conveyor belt. Like many other bizarre, crazy and amazing things, the concept comes from Japan where it’s known as kaiten-zushi.
The man behind running sushi, Yoshiaki Shiraishi, actually came up with the idea because his restaurant was understaffed, so he decided to open the world’s first conveyor belt sushi restaurant, which he did in 1958.

The one in Østerbro

On 9-Ni’s sushi conveyor belt, you‘ll find maki sushi, nigiri, sashimi and many other Japanese specialties. On the upper conveyor belt, you can choose from a variety of hot dishes consisting of various types of meat and endless amounts of vegetables and rice.
Between 5PM and 10PM, you can get all-you-can-eat sushi for DKK 168 on weekdays and DKK 198 on weekends. You can also find 9-Ni sushi in the other cities Rødovre, Hillerød and Humlebæk.

9-Ni Running Sushi Østerbro
Strandvejen 59
2100 København Ø

The one in Frederiksberg

On H.C. Ørstedsvej, you’ll find a sushi restaurant that serves classic, Japanese sushi, sticks and hot dishes, and the layout of the menu makes it easy for beginners to order.
You can get a table for 90 minutes for DKK 135 on weekdays and DKK 158 on weekends. There are more different things to choose from in the evening. Nyu Sakura also has a branch in IshøjBycenter (Ishøj Mall) where you get the lunch edition for just DKK 98.

Nyu Sakura
H. C. Ørstedsvej 68
1879 Frederiksberg C

The one in Nørrebro

Dragon City is a huge, Chinese restaurant on the outskirts of Nørrebro. Their main attraction is a delicious, large, Chinese buffet with more than 30 different hot dishes.
In addition to this, the place also has running sushi where the food comes to you. There are two belts, one for cold dishes and one for hot dishes. If you choose running sushi, Mongolian barbecue is also included in the price. The price is DKK 148 on weekdays and DKK 168 on weekends.

Dragon City
Hillerødgade 23
2200 København N

The one on Amager
King Ya’srunning sushi is sort of like an odd food lottery. You may spot plates with tiramisu, French fries orDanish rice pudding – and regular sushi rolls, of course.
There are often many families, happily plucking plates from the conveyor belt.
Running sushi is DKK 168 from Monday to Thursday and it’s DKK 198 on weekends.

King Ya - Running Sushi & Wok
Amagerbrogade 93
2300 København S
The one in the center of the City

GuangZheng is the man behind restaurant Nagoya, which is named after one of Japan’s major ports. Restaurant Nagoya is located by Sølvtorvet across from the thai restaurant Eastern Corner.
On the conveyor belt, you’ll find all the traditional types of sushi along with wakameseaweed salad, edamame, various types of sticks, pickled ginger and a few desserts.
From Monday to Thursday, the price is DKK 178 and from Friday-Sunday, it’s DKK 198.

Sølvgade 84
1307 København K