Guide: 7 Great Vegetarian Places in Copenhagen

Green is the new, well, green. Over time, the trend of vegetarianism has gone from being a small niche market to being mainstream. AOK guides you to the best vegetarian places in Copenhagen.

Foto: Claus Bech

Foto: Else Bjørn.

The one for both herbivores and carnivores

Behind the panoramic windows of Halmtorvet’s legendary Bosch building, you’ll find Denmark’s largest organic eatery: Vesterbro’sBioMio.

Guests sit side by side on tall chairs at long tables, the atmosphere is relaxed and the food is delicious and healthy. BioMiohave gone all in on vegetables, organic produce and natural vitamins but without being fanatical.

Even though the eatery makes a virtue of serving all kinds of vegetable dishes, there’s also room for meat on the menu so you can easily bring non-vegetarians too.

Halmtorvet 19
1700 København V


Foto: PR.


Vegan fast food

Astrid ogAberneis a popular Swedish concept that offers a wide variety of vegan products, or as they call it, “feel good fast food”, such as sausages, bacon, mayonnaise and a lot of other good stuff and even though it doesn’t sound like it, none of the products contain milk or eggs.

The little place on Jægersborggade serves classic fast-food dishes based on Astrid ogAberne’s products and some homemade side orders. You can get burgers (about DKK 50), fooled pork wraps (DKK 29) and hotdogs – all vegan, of course.

Astrid og Aberne
Jægersborggade 39
2200 København N

Foto: Benita Marcussen.


Grab some vegan ice cream after dinner


On Smallegade in Frederiksberg, there’s a little store called Is à Bella. The little family business takes its ice cream very seriously and everything is made from Italian ingredients on an Italian ice cream maker.

All of the milk-based ice cream flavorscontain little sugar and Is à Bella also makes a variety of flavors that everyone can enjoy, whether they’re diabetic, allergic, vegetarian or vegan.

They change the 12 flavors every day and they make sure to have flavors that you won’t find in every other ice cream store.

Is á Bella Is, Smallegade 40
2000 Frederiksberg

Foto: Michael Bothager.


The one in Christiania


The vegetarian eatery Morgenstedetis run by volunteer cooks, who make organic and vegetarian food. They draw inspiration from all over the world and the menu changes from day to day depending on who’s in the kitchen.

The food is served in the homey, little, whitewashed houseor in the courtyard out front where the relaxed Christiania atmosphere has left it mark and you have to help clean up after yourself. The dish of the day is about DKK 80.

Bådmandsstræde 43
1407 København K

The raw one

42 Raw was the first raw-food place in Copenhagen. They prepare all of their food according to raw food principles, which means that nothing is heated above 42° Celsius (107.6° Fahrenheit).

Their philosophy is that food should be served in its most natural state, untouched by refined sugar, dairy products and preservatives.

The menu is a cornucopia of colorful ingredients and you can dig your teeth into sandwiches made with gluten-free bread and many other delicious creations.

42 Raw
Pilestræde 32
1147 København K


Foto: Kaspar Mørk.


botaniq in the center

botaniq is located right by Nørreport and its main focus is on vegan cooking, which means that it’s completely free of animal products such as butter, eggs and milk.

And it’s not just the food that’s animal friendly, the drinks are also vegan. The stylishly decoratedrestaurant and caféhas a large, steel-gray marble bar where you can enjoy a green cocktail before dinner or have a seasonally inspired smoothie with kale in October or fresh berries in hot July.

Frederiksborggade 26
1360 København K

Foto: Colourbox.

The one with yoga

There is a vegetarian restauranton NordreFasanvej in the yoga center Natha, where the food is inspired by ancient Indian practices.

Every day, volunteer cooks make vegetarian soups, salads and hot dishes for a buffet (all-you-can-eat for DKK 125) inspired by the entire world and by Ayurveda, which is knowledge of health and well-being that comes from ancient Indian texts known as the Vedas.

Ambrosias Have
NordreFasanvej 230
2200 København N