Guide: 6 Great Burgers in Copenhagen

For some, a burger is nothing more than a hangover quick fix. For other people (like us), the burger is an exquisite, enjoyable and amazing eating experience, which – when it’s just right – sends your taste buds to cloud nine. Copenhagen has got a lot of really good burgers and we’ve picked out six burgers you should definitely try.

You won’t find McDonald’s and Burger King on this list – this is a guide for those who appreciate the quality gourmet burger.

Sokkelund Cafe & Brasserie in Frederiksberg

The popular café Sokkelund is located on Smallegade under black awnings. The atmosphere resembles that of a trendy, Parisian café, the menu is French – and then there’s the burger, which is legendary among both locals and experts.
The sesame sprinkled bun is made from a brioche dough and the meat comes from the Danish farm Grambogaard – one of the burgers comes with aquick-fried steak tartare patty, which is a big hit. The burger – which you can actually eat with a knife and fork without it exploding – comes with a side of crispy, homemade French fries, aioli and Béarnaise sauce.Sokkelund takes its burger pretty seriously and sometimes they go on trips abroad to find inspiration on how to perfect the taste, ingredients and the cooking method to achieve the perfect combination.

Sokkelund Cafe & Brasserie
Smallegade 36
2000 Frederiksberg

Haché Gourmet Burger by Nørreport
Right across from Torvehallerne on IsraelsPlads, you’ll find the burger restaurant Haché Gourmet Burger. You might need some extra time to study the menuas there are about 20 different burgers to choose from and you have to figure out whether you’re in the mood for chili, blue cheese, Portobello mushrooms, chorizo, bacon, feta cheese, fried eggs, chicken, beef or vegetarian. Or simply “just” a regular, classic cheeseburger.
You can take your burger home, but there’s also plenty of room for hungry guests in Haché. If you’re in the mood for a snack after licking your plate clean, you could try Haché’s sweet, Scottish specialty: two deep-fried Mars bars with vanilla ice cream… Enjoy!

Hache Gourmet Burger
Rømersgade 20
1362 København K

Cock’s & Cows at Gl. Strand

Cock’s & Cows is located in a basement hidden behind a metro construction site, right by the canal at Gl. Strand. Since the restaurant opened in 2010, Copenhageners have gorged themselves on delicious burgers in the spacious basement and at the sidewalk tables and with such pleasure that the restaurant actually won AOK’s “City’s Best Burger” award in 2012.
As is the case with Copenhagen’s other gourmet burger joints, Cock’s & Cows has more to offer than the classic hamburger and cheeseburger. They’ve reinterpreted the genre and you can get burgers with either a Greek, Italian orSpanish twist. Fries, soda and condiments are, of course, also part of the experience.

Cock’s & Cows at Gammel Strand
Gammel Strand 34
1202 København K

MASH on Bredgade
It would be odd if a modern, American steak house didn’t have a burger on the menu. Fortunately, MASH does have one and it’s a good one, too. You can sit in one of the red, diner-like booths or in a bar stool facing the street and watch people go by while you’re enjoying a solid burger with a 250 gram (8.82 OZ) patty with a side of crispy chili fries.
As MASH is also a steak house, you can also get an appetizer or a dessert in case you’re really starving.

Bredgade 20
1260 København K
No. 1 on Aarhusgade

The chef at gourmet restaurant No. 1 on Århusgade in Østerbro, Morten Køster, has his very own signature dish named “MacKøster” – a mini foiegras burger. But if a mini burger isn’t enough to satisfy your cravings, you should go with the luxurious gastro burger with a patty consisting of ground beef (with a maximum fat content of 4%), truffles, chopped herbs, served on a homemade bun made of durum flour.

Another delicious feature of the burger is the “remolata”, which is made with mascarpone, celery, shallots, garlic and truffle mayonnaise along with frisée salad to add some bitterness to the somewhat fatty remolata. And, of course, a slice of foiegrasto add a touch of extravagance. The burger is served with a side of Pommes Allumettes (thin-cut French fries) with truffle oil and a homemade BBQ sauce with smoked sea salt from Læsø.

Restaurant No. 1
Århusgade 1
2100 København Ø  

Halifax on Frederiksborggade

Since 2007, burger restaurant Halifax has offered Copenhageners a gourmet alternative to fast-food burgers. It started on Frederiksborggade and has since then expanded into a chain of four restaurants (two in Inner City, one in Frederiksberg and one in Østerbro), but it all began in a basement on Frederiksborggade.
The concept is the same at all four restaurants: You design your own burger menu in four easy steps. First, you pick a destination (there are nine different kinds of burgers named after and inspired by geographical locations around the world – the “Kreta” burger (Crete burger), for instance, contains tzatziki), then you pick a patty (beef, chicken, chickpea or celery), a side (fries, mashed potatoes, a salad or tortilla chips) and finally, you pick a dip. And that should leave you with a customized and incredibly delicious meal.

Halifax II
Larsbjørnsstræde 9
1454 København K