Guide: 5 places with delicious cakes in Copenhagen

Flat, greasy cinnamon rolls aren’t what’s in right now. We want beautiful gourmet cakes and pastries, works of art and flavors that are out of this world.

La Glace. Fold sammen
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Foto: Liselotte Sabroe



Bertels kager er enhver cheesecake-elskers drøm. Fold sammen
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Foto: PR.

The American one on Strædet

If there’s something Bertels Kager knows how to do, it’s how to make delicious cheesecakes. The American all-time favorite has really made its way into Danish eating habits and at Bertels Kager, you can dig into several delicious versions of the creamy cake. Last time AOK paid Bertels a visit, we went with a chocolate version with a brownie crust, topped off with a mix of dark red berries, and we devoured every last bit of it.

You get to choose between countless cakes, all on display in a huge showcase, which attracts a lot of desirous glances from passers-by. At Bertels, there’s something for every taste. The café has over one hundred different recipes for cheesecake and you can get the classic versions with blackcurrant, cherry or strawberry but also the more unusual ones with licorice, Oreos or pistachios. All of the cakes are homemade and the cake genius, Josh Flores, is of course from New York City where he used to create cakes at Donald Trump’s fashionable hotel, Trump SoHo.

What: Bertels Kager 
Where: Kompagnistræde 5 og Falkoner Allé 54, København

When: Mon.-Sun.: Falkoner Allé 54, 10AM-9PM, Kompagnistræde 5, 11AM-8PM,


Foto: Kim Haugaard.

The artistic one by the Lakes

At Strangas, you can basically get any kind of sugar fix. They have cakes in all the colors of the rainbow and your eyes go right to the sweet, French macarons when you step in the door. Nikolaos Strangas is originally from Athens but has adopted the kind of cakes that we Danes love. In addition to the French macarons, you’ll also find incredibly delicious cakes that look like little works of art and homemade, pink marshmallows. A bag of those babies are gone in the blink of an eye and the cakes are definitely worth the trip. Even the descriptions are delicious: »Fresh and creamy white chocolate mousse with passion fruit, along with soft milk chocolate mousse on a light cookie crust.« Feel free to bring home some cake or enjoy a mouthful of sugary happiness in one of the ten seats in the little store.

What: Strangas  Dessert Boutique
Where: Åboulevard 7, København

When: Tue.-Fri. 11AM-5:30PM, Sat. 11AM-4P

The extravagant one in Tivoli

Cake is generally a popular concept but a recent surge in dessert and baking TV shows has made it more popular than ever. The hip places in town have already noticed the increasing demand and have met it with a full-blown frontal attack consisting of sugar, butter, and sinfully delicious chocolate. Nimb Terrasse in Tivoli is without a doubt a player in the absolute top league of the cake industry.

Every Saturday and Sunday, they present an impressive cake buffet and for 250 DKK, you get to dig into an all-you-can-eat heaven consisting of four to five gourmet cakes and layer cakes, four smaller gourmet cakes, three petit fours such asmacarons and “kransekage” (marzipan ring cake), two to three classics such as jelly rolls, “citronmåne” (lemon frosted yellow pound cake) and fruit pies, buns and scones. In other words: you won’t be leaving hungry.

What: Nimb Kagebord (cake buffet)

Where: Nimb Terrasse in Tivoli, Vesterbrogade 3

When: Every Saturday and Sunday. You can book a table for 1:30 AM, 1:45 AM and 2 AM.

How much: 250 DKK per person. 175 DKK for children under the age of eight.


Madanmeldelse af Kokkedal Slot. Fold sammen
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Foto: Liselotte Sabroe.

The romantic one at the castle

Did you ever want to visit a romantic castle like thoseof ”Pride & Prejudice”? Then slip into a pastel dress and a big hat and head north where you’ll find Kokkedal Castle. The castle was built in 1746 in Dutch Renaissance style and now, 268 years later, it’s more beautiful than ever. An extensive renovation has recaptured the aristocratic soul of the castle, which goes beautifully hand in hand with a cup of tea and a sugary treat. There is a lovely view of the park from Havesalen, which is where you’ll be eating cake off of fine china and sipping tea with your pinky raised whilst conversing to the soft strains of a harp. The cakes are all homemade, there’s plenty of butter on the buns and the selection of coffee and tea has been picked out by experts. The time machine is ready to take you back a few centuries every Sunday from 3-5 PM for 225 DKK per person.

What: Tea at the castle
Where: Kokkedal Castle, Kokkedal Allé 6, Hørsholm

When: Every Sunday from 3-5 PM
How much: 225 DKK per person


The timeless classic

It’s almost impossible to talk about cake in Copenhagen without mentioning La Glace. Denmark’s oldest gourmet bakery was established in 1870 and they still make delicious cakes for locals and sugar craving tourists. La Glace is primarily known for its amazing layer cakes and the most famous one is probably the renowned “Sports Cake” with lavish amounts of whipped cream. At La Glace, traditions and comfort are highly valued and you feel as if you’ve gone back in time when you’re sipping hot chocolate and eating cake in the old store. La Glace is also known for itsfine craftsmanship and has won several awards for its cakes and pastries. And despiteLa Glace’s love for traditions, there is also room for new initiatives such as a Eurovision cake with caramel made from sea buckthorn, nougat, sea buckthorn panna cotta and a chocolate almond crust. The place is wonderfully nostalgic and the portions so big that you might not be able finish one.

What: La Glace

Where: Skoubogade 3, København 
When: Mon.-Fri. 8.30 AM-6.00 PM, Sat. 9 AM-6 PM, Sun. 10 AM-& PM (Closed on Sunday from Easter-September)