Guide: 5 luxurious ice cream shops

Copenhagen abounds with all kinds of ice cream temptations. AOK guides you to five frosty places that go the extra mile for the popular summertime treat.

Irresistible ice cream bars

When the sun really shines in Copenhagen, a summer vacation in the big city can be almost as exotic as a trip to warmer countries. If you’re still missing a hint of Italy in the summer heat, you should swing by Olufs Is in Østerbro.

Although the name might not sound very exotic, the cool temptations in the little, inviting shop certainly are. The people at Plufs have specialized in classic, Italian ice cream bars – also known as »Gelato suStecco« - and the many different kinds of ice cream could outshine any kiosk classic. The fresh ice cream mix made from milk and cream is quick-frozen in special molds and the naked ice cream bars are subsequently dipped in both classic variants of chocolate and more creative versions with strawberry and pistachio.

Lastly, the bars are dressed in different kinds of sprinkles and crushed nuts before they are displayed in the showcase freezer. You get a small ice cream for 16 DKK, a medium for 26 DKK, a large for 32 DKK and an XL for 38 DKK. The ultimate customer favorite is the licorice ice cream dipped in white or lemon chocolate.

What: Olufs Is
Where: Olufsvej 6, 2100 København Ø



Ice cream from days gone by

La Glace on Skoubogade is an institution for everyone with a sweet tooth and it really is quite hard not to be tempted by the impressive cakes in the old glasscases. But perhaps only a few people know that it was actually their homemade ice cream that made the confectionery so popular in the first place.

If you think about it, it does make sense since La Glace literally means “the ice” in French. In the 19th century, it was especially the confectionery’s baroque ice cream sculptures that made the bourgeoisie squeal with sugary delight. You can still get those today- if you have a fat wallet, that is. However, you can also experience the confectionery’s ice cream skills in a way that is more economically justifiable, more specifically in the form of an ice cream cup.

You can get one of those for 65 DKK and it consists of a cup in which different kinds of delicious ice cream are neatly arranged and topped off with a crispy signature macaroon. Try “Tricoloren” with vanilla, strawberry and chocolate or the French ice cream with nougat, raspberry sorbet and coffee-flavored ice cream.

What: La Glace
Where: Skoubogade 3, 1158 København K





Hay milk and interesting flavors

Blackcurrant with tarragon, white chocolate with blue poppy seeds and lemon, coconut with lime and ginger – there’s no shortage of creativity at Bryggen11. The little store which is located on the ever-popular Islands Brygge has been treating Copenhageners to refreshing and tasty experiences since 2005 and the success has been remarkable.

Part of what makes Bryggen11 such a big hit is the fact that they use high-quality ingredients determined by season and the preparation processes are clean and simple. There are no ready-made fruit concentrates – the juice for the sorbets is made from scratch in the little kitchen. The milk, which is the main ingredient in most of the variants, also deserves a few words of appreciation.

Bryggen11 exclusively uses biodynamic hay milk, which means that the cow hasn’t been fed any factory-made feed, just natural hay. According to the people behind it all, it doesn’t get much more natural than that - unless you go to a farm and milk the cow yourself. One scoop of ice cream is 22 DKK while two will cost you 30 DKK.

What: Bryggen 11
Where: Islands Brygge 11, 2300 København





Chocolate ice cream version 2.0

Someone with a real sweet tooth knows that a calendar year offers many different sweet temptations depending on the season. Broadly speaking winter means chocolate and summer means ice cream, which they noticed at Frederiksberg Chokolade, who have attracted people in need of chocolate to the store with the iconic Mahogany façade since 1923.

When Tina Jacobsen became the proud owner in 1996, she decided to make ice cream to keep the customers coming all year round. It has over time become a huge success and in 2008 the store was awarded the title of “City’s Best Ice Cream” by AOK. You can get beer-flavored ice cream and homemade “guf” (whipped sugar and egg whites) in several tasty flavors such as blueberry, licorice and mocha.

Even though they make 45 different ice cream flavors, they only display 18 flavors at a time. The most popular one is of course chocolate because the store’s very own chocolates are crushed and whipped into a rich ice cream. You get one scoop for 22 DKK, two for 30 DKK and three for 38 DKK.

What: Frederiksberg Chokolade
Where: Frederiksberg Alle 64, 1820 Frederiksberg C





Sicilian love

In Sicily, they eat ice cream all day long: a lemon granitéto start off the day, pistachio ice cream with a brioche for lunch and finally, a cold ice cream and a walk after dinner. And you could easily be tempted to eat ice cream around the clock once you’ve made the acquaintance of Siciliansk Is.

The little Mediterranean ice cream shop is located right by the beautiful Skydebanehave in Vesterbro where you could enjoy the Sicilian treats. AtSiciliansk Is, they care deeply about the ingredients and that definitely adds to the flavor. The whole milk is organic and so is the cane sugar. Pistachios, pine nuts and almonds are specially imported from Sicilian farmers who cultivate the earth at the foot of Mount Etna. Enjoy a crispy »Torrone« with Sicilian nougat or get a shot of vitamin C with the refreshing blood orange ice cream.

Regardless of whether you choose a mini cup for 20 DKK, a little ice cream for 25 DKK, a medium for 33 DKK or a large one for 40 DKK, you always get to pick three different flavors.

What: Siciliansk Is
Where: Skydebanegade 3, 1709 København V