Guide: 5 delicious cocktail bars in Copenhagen

Cheers! AOK’s two most dedicated cocktail fans have gone through every cocktail bar in town to find the best ones. Here’s a list of five of their favorite places.

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The three-storied bar in Vesterbro

One of Vesterbro’s best cocktail bars is called Lidkoeb. The place can at times be very crowded and somewhat noisier than many other places, but it’s definitely worth a visit.

Lidkoeb is located in a courtyard on Vesterbrogade 72b, right before the street splits into two streets, Vesterbrogade and Frederiksberg Allé. The three-storied bar is full of surprises for those who haven’t been there before. On the first and second floor, you’ll find Lidkoeb’s extensive cocktail menu, draft beer, and bottled beer. But you’ll find the biggest surprise on the third floor.

Sloped walls, dim lighting and fancy furniture characterize the third floor, where you can enjoy a glass of whiskey – and whiskey only. The atmosphere is more relaxed and you’re not allowed to talk on the phone or take pictures. The third floor is only open on Fridays and Saturdays.

What: Lidkoeb
Where: Vesterbrogade 72b, Vesterbro
When: Monday - Saturday: 4PM-2AM; Sunday: 8PM-1AM


The secret one in the basement

Ourselves Alone is located on Badstuestræde and it might be the most secret cocktail bar in Copenhagen. You have to ring the doorbell and wait until they let you into the basement, which almost feels like stepping into another world.

There’s smooth jazz in the background, the furniture and atmosphere exude an air of days gone by and flickering candles dimly light the room. There’s no menu, but the bartenders, led by talented head bartenderSøren Krogh Sørensen, have a knack for figuring out what you’d like based on one or two questions.

At the moment, they’re also looking into adding a cigar lounge and a smallmenu with some snacks and food. The staff is incredibly helpful and the bartenders aren’t afraid to try to make you laugh. This is an ideal hiding place for those who would like to escape the outside world if only for a couple of hours. And hey – Ourselves Alone could potentially be the ideal locationfor a relaxed and comfortable date.

What: Ourselves Alone
Where: Badstuestræde 7, København K.
When: Tuesday-Thursday: 8PM-3AM; Friday-Saturday: 4PM-3AM


Experts behind the bar and comedy in the restroom

The cocktail bar Ruby is located on Nybrogade, right by the canal. There’s plenty of elbowroom and big, soft furniture you can sink into while sipping on a cocktail.

The bartenders are experts in cocktail making and at Ruby it’s more about making amazing cocktails than making it look good. They know every trick and tradition and Ruby is actually among the 50 best cocktail bars in the world. You won’t have to deal with deafening music or overly done-up people. This is a cocktail bar for people of every kind.

Apart from the mind-blowing cocktails, the most unique experience at Ruby is probably a trip to the restroom. Yes, you read it correctly; a trip to the restroom. The innovative people at Ruby have installed loudspeakers so you can listen to Eddie Murphy’s famous comedy classic “Raw”. Going to the bathroom just got interesting.

What: Ruby
Where: Nybrogade 10, København K.
When: Monday-Saturday: 4PM-2AM; Sunday: 7PM-1AM

The grandiose Gatsby bar

From 1920-1933, the United States went “dry”, which means that it was illegal to sell, produce, import and transport alcoholic beverages. Of course, that just made alcohol even more attractive and lent an air of sophistication and extravagance to, well, drinking.

The people behind HolmensKanalCocktailbar have recreated the Great Gatsby atmosphere of the Prohibition Era and they’ve done a beautiful job. It does help that the building, HolmensKanal no. 7, is from 1863 and that alone makes the place worth a visit. Every detail has been thought of and even a trip to the restroom feels like going back in time.

Most of the left side of the room is occupied by the bar, there are tall tables and bar stools in the middle and the rest of the wall is occupied by soft booths you can sit in. There’s room for 150 people.

What: Holmens Kanal
Where: Holmens Kanal 7, København K.
When: Monday-Tuesday: 4 PM-1 AM; Wednesday-Thursday: 4 PM-2 AM; Friday-Saturday: 4 PM-3 AM


The much-needed hideaway

Sometimes reality becomes all too real when it’s raining, there are children to take care of, and bills to pay. When you experience that feeling, you may be tempted to leave it all behind and hide somewhere safe.

When the army is under attack, they yell »duck and cover« to make sure that everyone makes it to safety. And safe is exactly what you feel when you step into the basement on Dannebrogsgade. This is where Kasper ReiweHenriksen, one of Denmark’s best competitive bartenders, has opened the bar Duck and Cover.

Let yourself be seduced by Duck and Cover’s cocktails and their colorful stories, surrounded by Danish design from the 50s, while the very competent bartenders take you back to a time when service was of the utmost importance.

What: Duck and Cover
Where: Dannebrogsgade 6, Vesterbro
When:  Wednesday: 4 PM-1 AM; Thursday-Sunday: 4 PM-2 AM