Follow in the Queen’s Footsteps: 5 Royal Experiences in Copenhagen

Here are five great ideas for royal experiences and activities in Copenhagen.

Foto: Keld Navntoft

The queen and her prince consort live at Amalienborg Palace in the heart of Copenhagen, but you rarely catch a glimpse of the royal family. But if you love anything royal, here are some experiences that follow in the royal family’s footsteps.

Visit the Queen

The Amalienborg Museum, which is actually located right in the middle of Amalienborg Palace, has a number of exhibitions that offer a unique insight into the royal Danish family.

The museum calls it a new general presentation of the Danish monarchy that revolves around the royal residence. At the museum, you can learn about the history of the four palaces of Amalienborg and gain new knowledge about the past and present royal family as well as its many duties.

You can also visit the Beletage, which is the secondfloor of Christian VIII’s palace, where you’ll find the Royal Chambers. The Beletageis open on Saturdays, which gives you the opportunity to see the beautifully decorated halls.

What: The Amalienborg Museum
Where: Amalienborg  Palace, Christian VIIIs Palæ 1, 1257 København K
When: Tuesday-Sunday 11AM-4PM

Foto: Brian Bergmann.

The Treasury at Rosenborg Castle

At Rosenborg Castle, you can visit the Danish Royal Collections, which are collections of silver, porcelain and paintings (among other things). The biggest tourist attractions are the Crown Jewels and the Crown Regalia in the treasury. But you can also find uniforms, ivory artifacts, thrones and much, much more.

The castle was built by king Christian IV and today, each room represents a time period. There is also a museum store, where you can buy jewelry, books, teddy bears, postcards and more.

What: Rosenborg Castle
Where: Øster Voldgade 4 A, 1350 København K
When: Tuesday- Sunday 10AM-2PM

Foto: Jens Nørgaard Larsen.


Horses and Golden Carriages


Have you always admired the royal family’s fancy horses and golden carriages? Well, now you have the chance to get a closer look. The horses are trained every day on Christiansborg Riding Grounds and the streets of Copenhagen. During the summer, however, the horses are put out to graze, but you can still have a look at the beautiful carriages, including the queen’s golden carriage.

What: The Royal Stables
Where: The Christiansborg Riding Grounds 12, 1218 København K

Foto: David Leth Williams.


Danish History Told in Tapestries


The royal family has a number of grandiose rooms and halls at Christiansborg Palace, which can be used for official events such as royal banquets, the New Year’s Levee, and audiences. The rooms are beautifully decorated with a lot of art and antiquities. In the Great Hall, we find BjørnNørgaard’s colorful tapestries, which were given toQueen Margrethe on her 50th birthday. The large and beautiful tapestries tell the history of Denmark in woven images.

What: The Royal Reception Rooms/ The Queen’s Tapestries
Where: Christiansborg Palace Prins Jørgens Gård 1 1218 København K

Foto: Keld Navntoft.


The Royal Life Guards March


Experience the Royal Life Guards in full uniform and in full swing. Changing of the guard happens daily at noon at Amalienborg Palace Square. At 11.30AM, the guards march from Rosenborg Castle through the city and end their march at Amalienborg Palace.

What: Changing of the guard – the Royal Life Guards
Where: Amalienborg Palace Square, 1257 København K
When: Every day between 11.30 AM and noon

Foto: Brian Bergmann.