Five great Indian Restaurants in Copenhagen

If you want to enjoy some indian food, we have found the best places.

The English were smarter than the Danes back when it was fashionable to conquer other people’s countries and call it colonization.

We sailed to Greenland where the inhabitants lived off of boiled blubber – the English went to India and brought back exotic spices and a food culture that revolved around curry.

That’s why the English have great Indian restaurants on every other street cornerwhile we Danes have to search a bit more, especially if we’re not in Copenhagen.

Once you’ve acquired a taste for the Indian cuisine, it develops into a lifelong, burning love affair.

Gourmet Indian

Havnegade 44
1058 København K

Verandah is located in the beautiful “The Standard” house with a lovely view of the harbor and it looks nothing like a traditional Indian restaurant. It has a high ceiling, it’s very bright and spacious and there are plenty of green trees in the restaurant, which gives it a gourmet feel. The food has also been given extra attention. This is the place to go if you want to try the best of what India has to offer.

The Cozy One

Restaurant Sahil
Havnegade 33
1058 København K

Sahil, which is located on the corner of Havnegade and Peder Skrams Gade near Kongens Nytorv, was once called Shezan, but even though the name has changed, it’s still the same owner. The food is excellent and it’s very cheap, just keep in mind that rice and bread are not included in the price of the main dish. Behind the counter you’ll find the owner himself and the service is cheerful and personal. The room is with its white walls and exposed wooden beams in the ceiling brighter than most ethnic restaurants. If you’re not in the mood for wine, you can get a lassi, which isn’t a dog but a smoothie-like yogurt drink. The one with mango could serve as a dessert as it can be quite sugary when we’re dealing with Indian lassi.

The Nordic Indian

Ørestads Boulevard 55
2300 København S

Rasoi is located in the Mountain Dwellings in Ørestaden and is something as untraditional as a mix between Nordic and Indian culture. There are stylish black chairs, tall wine glasses and hand-made Oriental rugs under the tables to mix it up. The dishes are created from ancient Indian recipes, but the ingredients have been adjusted to Danish taste buds. The kitchen is ambitious, but sometimes you just have to trust your experience. That’s the case with the restaurant’s samosas, which the owner Inam’s mother has 45 years of expertise in making, so you’ll be eating her samosas.

The traditional one

Vesterbrogade 94
1620 København V

Al-Diwan means “cozy lounge for royal guests” and if you’re not sure what that is, there are plenty of illustrative pictures on the walls. The place is run by four brothers from Karachi, Pakistan, and they get their inspiration from the postcolonial royal Mughal family. They serve royal Pakistani-Indian food and they’ve become famous for their Butter Chicken and their Chicken TikkaMassala.

One for the beginners

Strandboulevarden 67
2100 København Ø 

If you’re not a big fan of mind-blowingly hot chili, Maharaja is a really good place to kick off your Indian food adventure. They have an impressive menu with around 60 dishes and as the restaurant stresses, the amount of chili and spices can be adjusted to suit even the most delicate taste buds. One of the restaurant’s specialties is thali, which means a collection of little dishes, pappadums, dips and rice served in steel bowls on a tray. Thali is often vegetarian, but at Maharaja the thali also includes meat dishes. Thali is a good idea if you’re only two people, but you’d like to eat the way Indians do. They don’t order a dish each but a lot of dishes for the entire party to share.