Copenhagen Best Bodega 2012

They say it is a dying breed – at least the most dodgyones – but really they might be on the brink of a renaissance. They cater to both the young and the old. Where do you find the best one?

Foto: Mesteren

The nominees and the winner of Best Bodega in Copenhagen 2012

Mesteren & Lærlingen, Flæsketorvet 86, 1711 København V
The unpretentious speakeasy that took over the meatpacking district’s oldest butchers’ bodega in 2009 is a new school bar of the finest regard – always packed with people, with lit candles, heavy ambience, steamy windows and a good DJ on the turntables.

Bo-Bi Bar, Klareboderne 14, 1115 København K
Steeped in soulfulness, this is a distinguished classic dive, which has had the same steady owners since the 1970s. Bo-Bi has one of the most mixed groups of visitors in town: dodgy old school regulars, the indispensable students and the aesthetically concerned upcoming artists, who have an enormous appreciation for the authenticity of the place.

Cafe Sommersted, Sommerstedgade 2, 1718 København V
The Vesterbro bar Sommersted has become more and more popular with those, who like a bar, which is not too hip – a fact that has made this bar very hip very quickly. Packed on the weekends and with a very festive atmosphere.

Charlie’s, Pilestræde 33, 1112 København K
Charlie’s served special beers from independent breweries many years before is was considered fashionable. And they have stuck to their guns. If the room were three times more spacious it would still be packed with thirsty customers. This is a cult bar for mature beer enthusiasts, who appreciate well-draught qualitybeer brewed by independent breweries –with no nonsense.

Cafe Intime, Allégade 25, 2000 Frederiksberg
The gay-friendly Cafe Intime is nearly a 100 years old and has its own unique Frederiksberg vibe going including a grand piano, seasoned regulars, open mike and open hospitality and ambience. The place is so heavily knick-knacked and decorated that your eyes simply must wander and rejoice.